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Notes on the diagram of the area controlled

Section 9 (3) of the BEMFV requires submission of a comprehensible diagram of the site-specific safety distance and of the area controlled.

In the past questions were asked regarding details required for this diagram. For that reason a list of minimum requirements for the diagram is shown below:

  • For the diagram no official map or copy from the development or zoning plan is required. Submission of a self-made sketch is sufficient.

  • To ensure comprehensibility, the sketch must be to scale.

  • The border of the controlled area must be marked to scale. If the controlled area is "three-dimensional" (e.g. bigger at a certain height above ground than close to the ground), this must be explained. This may also be done by means of a suitable sketch.

  • Determination by calculation:
    The largest site-specific safety distance (in relation to the controlled area) must be market in the sketch and must not exceed the border of the controlled area.

  • Determination by measurement:
    The site-specific safety distance must be marked by connecting the selected measurements points in the sketch in such a way as to ensure that the monitored area within the controlled area is recognisable.

  • The use of the surrounding plots of land does not have to be stated in this sketch (such usage is specified in the site plan, which must be kept on file as part of the notification procedure for the fixed amateur radio equipment).


Date of modification: 2010.07.14

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