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In the private, public and industrial areas there is a multitude of radio applications which ensure the required communication and data transfer.

The use of this technology presumes adherence to the limit values for the safety of people exposed to electromagnetic fields. For terminal equipment European regulations (CE mark) apply. For the transmitter sites required for the functioning of the different radio technologies there is a separate assessment procedure in Germany. This procedure is the Federal Network Agency’s certification procedure. Fixed radio equipment with an equivalent isotropic radiated power of 10W or over is assessed individually in relation to its adherence to the permissible limit values for the safety of people.

The heading "Technology" presents a selection of radio technologies that are subject to the site certification procedure. To allow for a better classification, this will also include some radio technology which is not subject to the site certification procedure, due to its very low output. In case of this type of technology, the safety of people is monitored in the context of the CE marking.

Date of modification: 2010.07.14

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